Current Courses

Math 308H (Differential Equations Honors) (Texas A&M, Fall 2022)

Previous Courses

Math 32AH (Vector Calculus I Honors) (UCLA, Fall 2014)

Math 32B (Vector Calculus II) (UCLA, Fall 2014)

Math 110B (Group Theory) (UCLA, Winter 2014)

Math 141 (Integral Calculus) (PSU, Fall 2018, Fall 2019)

Math 497 (Deep Learning, exchange course taught at PKU) (Summer 2019)

Math 251 (Differential Equations) (PSU, Spring 2020)

Math 251H (Differential Equations Honors) (PSU, Spring 2020)

Math 140 (Differential Calculus) (PSU, Fall 2020)

Math 555 (Optimization Theory, cotaught with Jinchao Xu) (PSU, Spring 2021)

Math 141 (PSU, Fall 2021)

Previous Course Materials

Math 555: A demonstration from the course of some applications of optimization to image and signal processing can be found here.


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